Why Koh Chang is the perfect place to learn to Dive

When people think of doing their Open Water Diving Course in Thailand, many people immediately think of Koh Tao.  However, Koh Chang gives Koh Tao a run for it’s money! Located north in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Chang is a great place to begin your underwater adventures.  Here are four reasons why we think Koh Chang is the perfect place to learn to dive.

1. Aquarium like conditions: 

When you’re first learning to dive, you have a lot to think about!  Trying to learn in a strong current or with poor visibility just makes things harder.  Here in Koh Chang, our dive sites have nearly no current and we usually have great visibility!  With pristine conditions like these, you can focus on perfecting your newly learned skills.



2. Beautiful coral and abundant sea life: 

Our dive sites have some absolutely stunning reefs.  With both soft and hard coral, anemones and a large variety of fish, there is so much to see!  A majority of our dive sites sit well within the depth limits for open water students, meaning you get to see gorgeous dive sites while still taking the course.  After seeing what Koh Chang has to offer, we know you’ll be hooked on diving.

3. Less crowded: 

In Koh Tao you will quite often see more divers than fish!  Here, with much less dive shops on the island, the dive sites are much less crowded.  Since we keep our groups small at Dolphin Divers, you will feel like you and your instructor are the only ones underwater, which is such an incredible feeling.

Klong Neung #waterfall in Koh Chang, how to get there and more at Explorekohchang.com:

4. Other adventures await: 

There is plenty to do in Koh Chang when you are not diving.  From sunsets and beaches to trekking and waterfalls to delicious dinners and a night on the town, Koh Chang has something for everyone.

As you can see Koh Chang is a great island to learn how to dive as well as enjoy the rest of your holiday!  If you’re interested in signing up for one of our courses, Check out

KohChang Thailand by kohchangphotography on 500px:


Koh Chang Sehenswürdigkeiten / Strände: Ein Guide über die schönsten Strände u.Attraktionen auf der Insel Koh Chang in Thailand + Hotel Tipps u. Unterkünfte:


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