Plastic Bottle Cutter : Clever tool for daily life.

We all know that wastes from plastics takes long time to decay, but currently humans use to much plastic in every day life then there are many people who started plastics recycle ideas for transfers wastes to new product, you can see as usual such as flowerpot from plastic bottle or cup etc.

And today we would like to present you a new idea which made up for everyone, there is one project called ‘Plastic Bottle Cutter’ the special project comes with a very creative idea to reduce trashes on The Earth. The project has been collected funds on a website named ‘Kickstarter’ by two Italian guys the idea’s owner Pavel and Ian who aim to reduce plastic bottles. They created a very useful tool for cutting plastic bottle into plastic rope.

The invention works from 2 pieces of wood for measuring thickness of plastic as a ruler also a small knife inside it for cutting plastic and a little piece of metal for choose of right size of plastic rope you want.  The tool will helps you change plastic bottle into plastic rope, first you have to singe a bottle to be easy to cut and after that cut the bottom out  and put this tool on, then plastic(Bottle) should be inside the wood where is the little knife. You can start cutting it until you get the length you want. With the quality of plastic you will have a good tough rope for use at home.

Now the project gain much more than their first goal 8,500 euros, it’s around 223,935 euros. For the reason this is the one of many good and useful projects that no need high technology to improve it, but use some tools to make it happen and it saves the environment a lot.




Video Click here



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