March 2017, What to do in Thailand?

Let’s join activities in  Bangkok, Pattaya, Trat – Koh Chang on February 2017 !!


ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ Bangkok Gourmet Festival 2017

Bangkok Gourment Featival 2017

When : 3th-5th Mar,2017

Where : Royal Paragon Hall, Bangkok

What to do : It’s a food fair where you can tries variety of food in Thailand, Thai cuisines dishes also shopping many good products from leading brands.

Ticket : Free entry

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ Melody of Life 10 Futurista 4th 5th Mar 2017

Melody of Life 10 #Futurista

When : 4th-5th Mar,2017

Where : Central world Mall, Bangkok

What to do : It’s a city free concert festival where is more than 50 artist bands coming and 3 of perform stages . Most of the bands are big name in Thailand such as Tattoo Colour, Greasy Cafe, Mild, The Richman Toy, Lomosonic, Better Weather Etc. you can join this music festival and also there is a section of short film and stage discussion about art and film from real artists and directors.

Ticket : Free entry

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ Anotherworld+Motorsports Land


When : 4th Mar,2017

Where : Motorsports Land, Bangkok

What to do : electronic live concert, enjoying live concert which will bring your energy back!!  Relief all your stress. To meet many DJs from around the world such as Coone, Noisecontrollers, Zatox, Code Black, Mightyfools, MA DL. The concert will begins on 4PM.

Ticket : Regular 1,800 THB / VIP 2,500 THB

Contact : Thaiticket Major



When : 25th-26th Mar,2017

Where : Siam squre one, Bangkok

What to do :

1. shopping hand made works from university’s students
2. enjoy art walking street
3. live concert from Jelly Rocket
4. D.I.Y Booth for making your own works.

Ticket : Free entry



ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ pattaya international music festival 2017

Pattaya International Music Festival

When : On March (Exact day, coming soon)

Where :  Pattaya

What to do : Live International music festival with variety stages divine by type of music such as Rock stage, Chill stage, Reggae stage etc. In 3 days 3 nights you can enjoy all type of musics in this event. Booked your hotel and go to this party!

Contact : Muang Pattaya Hot line 1337  Tel. 0 3842 7667



Trat Memorial Day

When : 23rd-27th Mar,2017

Where : Meung, Trat

What to do : Back to commemorate the history of Trat (A province in Thailand). At the time had been under government of French but on 23rd of march 1956 King Rama V. decided to give Siem Rapth (A province in Cambodia, now) to France for exchanged and bring back Trat as a part of Thailand.

In the event you can visit to see a huge parade for praise King Rama V of Thailand and

shopping local food, products and visit a different style market back to your country!

Ticket : Free entry


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