Eco accommodation on beach in Singapore.

Plastic wastes are one of troubles from many countries around the world because they are hard to decay also baneful to the environment. Do you know that biodegradable a plastic bottle spend around 450 years to decay. Then if people do not realize how important that problem, there will be plastic increase situation in the very soon future!!

There is a  design studio in Singapore called ‘SPARK’ inspired an idea that can recycle plastic wastes into accommodation project.   The accommodation  project will be located on East Coast Park beach in Singapore with  eco-friendly style. They designed the room like a palm tree, the room area is shape like a pinecone, then wall of room will be like the peel of pinecone, also the wall part they use plastic trash to made it up from South Pacific Garbage Patch.
All of trashes from South Pacific Garbage Patch are HDPE (high density polyethylene) which can not decay by nature, then they collected all trashes to grind into pieces and fuse them all to transform them to be a rooftop for the accommodation.  The structure of the room made by  instant concrete. In the above roof’s part, they designed to put a solar module which is a skin film located on the roofs for make  photovoltaic power system. Moreover, visitor can climb up to the room by rope ladder.
A good project that can remind people to turns to realize this problem and also benefits for visitor who loves eco life who can spending good time on the beach.

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