3 things you should do there,Bang Bao village, Koh Chang,Thailand

Bang Bao is a fishing village on Koh Chang,Thailand, located on southwest of the island. There are many interesting things such as the style of the village, they are built houses upon sea water and  you can imagine a walkway long from land to sea coast with many house all ways long. Moreover, there are many food shops also seafood restaurants. Nowadays Bang Bao had around 67 houses and 250 of populations. If you are looking for some local foods or souvenirs maybe you can get some over there with reasonable prices.


In the end of the walkway is pier where is visitors can transfer to other islands, they are also selling boat trips there. At the pier there is a lighthouse, the symbol of Bang Bao. You should check it out! Besides, that you can take a walk for fun or taking photos with good views, enjoying the moments you also can try local food or very fresh seafood there. The village is one of best attractions in this island for travelers who want to explore Thai’s cuisine.


At Bang Bao village they offers many homestays where you can pay less but get more peaceful. Everything that I mentioned are reasons why you should be there, like someone said If you are at Koh Chang but never be there ’you are not arrived yet’


1. Shopping local souvenir

Almost everyone loves shopping we can’t deny, I would like to recommend you to go there and check out some awesome souvenirs for your family or friends back home. At Bang Bao village there are many things to see, also many things to buy no matter what cloths, food or something that made in Thailand just like toys or personal products. And what if you are looking for something and not found ones, you can ask local people there and you will get the answer because the people are so nice and helpfully.


2.  Tries local seafood

After shopping you will feel hunger, then it’s a perfect time to eat there. Because Bang Bao is a fishing village, you can find a lot of sea food restaurants around the area. Some of them will offer you very fresh fish or any kind of sea’s animal. Moreover there are sea’s view restaurants, then you can enjoying your dishes also a very nice view ahead with reasonable prices.


3. Living on moments

Every travelers travel for get experience and living in the moment, so do I. That’s why you should come and see people around this area, you will never found something calm and exotic in the same time like in Thailand. It’s not weird to say exotic because it’s a good word to explain what you will see here. I want to express the word because people in the village are so nice, friendly and calm but sometimes they do something different from what we normally do, it was surprised me. So I called it exotic things and put it in my travel’s dictionary. I would introduce you to see yourself, to open your whole world.




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