5 Reasons, Why diving with Dolphin Divers!

In every diving center had kind the same activities of diving, but what makes them different? Service! Yes, the big key for customers whose pick their best ones for vacation. And here is some reason why is Dolphin Divers stills impress many customers.

1. Dolphin Divers is the only one diving center on Koh Chang island that on board by speed boat : If you are their guest you don’t need to wake up early or skip your breakfast to catch boat. They’ll send you a pick-up taxi to your hotel around 9-9:30 and your diving trip will begin at the 5 star hotel’s beach ‘The Emerald Cove’ at 10:00 after that travel to each dive site will spend not more than 30 mins. Finally your diving day will end around 1:30 PM. By the way you will have more time to enjoy diving and if there any emergency case we can send you to coast immediately

ในภาพอาจจะมี มหาสมุทร, เรือ, สถานที่กลางแจ้ง, น้ำ และ ธรรมชาติ

2. Perfect for small group, no crowd : They focus on quality not quantity then they can take care you all with best service and every each dive will be 6 persons, and 2 students per an instructor(flexible, depends on customer maybe they come with their family)For your best learning and good taking care from them.

3. A 5 star hotel for introduction lesson : you can learn scuba diving introduction at 5 stars hotel’s pool with 50 m. long ‘The Emerald Cove’ a hotel where located beside beach with very good atmosphere. If you don’t want to stay in crowded pool as the other dive centers.

4. Free offer diving insurance and passenger insurance : Courses price are included such as diving insurance for diving trip, boat insurance for all passengers. Dolphin Divers always follow safety rules they prepared all the safety equipment on boat like first aid kit, oxygen tank also life ring and fire extinguisher. They do care and prepare for all unexpected situations as always at least 10 years!

5. They offer special service for disabled divers with no extra charge.

For more information, please contact Dolphin Divers Diving center
tel. 086-101-4783
Email : sacha.dolphindivers@gmail.com

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  1. bangkokseaevents says:

    Thank you so much to Dolphin Divers that teaching Thais students to become a Dive master under project of Diving industry THAIS can do it….wish all the best for you 🙂

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