Tlejourn : Trash becomes to money for local.

Can you imagine how much trash was left on the beaches? If you don’t know, I can tell you that in just three months there are more than 80 tons in Adang Ravi beach and Lipeh beach, Satool. It was like a crisis for local people who have to clean these up and keep the  attractions look good for new visitors.

 Tlejourn is name of shoes, the product from sea wastes, there an NPO o Nonprofit Organization who working with Trash Hero Thailand, they are partnering to help local people take all the trash to make a new product, to recycle them but it’s around 10% of trash that can up cycling to be Tlejourn. After collected the useful trash, then It will transform to be shoe soles with a very unique style. There are many types of them such as sandal, Flip flop, sneaker etc. They are also selling Tlejourn via online.

Waching VDO => Click

 Besides making beaches clean, Tlejourn is also one of new jobs for many local housewife who had an effect of Violence Situation in Thailand’s Three Southern Border Provinces moreover, they also use local textile called “PaTehPaTaNy” as a package of the shoes. If there any benefit from this program, they will return the money to the development environment of the beaches later on.

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