New shells for hermit crabs, Create a brand via new way !!

House is one of necessary things that all human wants as same as other animals, there are many hermit crabs on beaches and as everyone know the animal needs shell to protect itself from strong sun light. Normally hermit crabs will pick some shell which perfectly fit to itself and if it become bigger, it will find the new shell. Nowadays beaches had been changed a lot not only human got effected but also hermit crabs as well, when the shells decrease then hermit crab turns to use trash on beaches as their new house. Which makes us feel so sad about it.


You might wonder, why would they pick the real shell? we can tell that they’re have no choice to pick like before and it not so good for them to living with trash, size and weight are not fit them. After that there is a brand named “Suumo” came to fix this problem.

“Suumo” is an immovable property website, which helps to find properties for human under a slogan called ‘Providing Comfortable House for All’ then the website bring an idea to find new house for hermit crabs to publicize their website, also helps the animal in the same time by cooperated with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, then they made up a special shell for hermit crabs after they done research from the university.

The shells made up specially for hermit crabs no matter size, weight and space in the shells everything are perfect for little cute hermit crabs. The shell’s color is proper, they are also put their trademark on the shells. Later on there are many happy hermit crabs also visitors who visited the beaches too, the animal got new house also ‘’Suumo’ got many interests from this CSR that were directed under marine System Environment science.



In other hands, there are many problems in this world, we can not always wait for others to help for the rest of our life. We should starts everything from ourselves to help each others. Everyone takes responsibilities for sharing, helping, returning to social, Learning to giving back. If everyone thinks and do like this, there will be a wonderful social in very soon future.




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