Seabin an amazing innovation to save our seas

Apparently, nowadays cyber world had many advantages for users around the world also The collected funds via social media, there is a program called “StartUp” doing kind of this activity too.

Mostly of cool innovations were build from many great ideas of variety people but it won’t happen because the innovators had no money to runs their projects, then StartUp came for help them to make those dreams come true just like two Australian innovators who made up an amazing innovation called “Seabin” The project that were collected the funds by unexpected around 115% (around 267,767 USD) on Jan 8th, 2016


Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, two Australian who created Seabin, the special bin that can float on water which made for cleaning and keeping sea water clear by catching sea waste such as plastic, bottle, paper even oil. The bin will gobble every trash up into the bag inside it, water circulation system is how the bin works 24/7 all year long. It needs only a person to change the inside bag.



Lastly the main point of this story is not just only the bin but also the goal of two creators who care about oceans and environment, that was a great point that we should admire them.

More video click here and here









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