6 recommended restaurants at Koh Chang, Thailand

Koh Chang Island, Trat, Thailand, one of most popular destinations for travelers who loves sand and sea and also food!  As everyone know that Thai cuisine is very famous, so today let us introduce you five worthy restaurants for your trip.

  1. ROMANTIC BEACH DINNER in a 5 star hotel

Watch the sky change from warm orange to a velvety midnight blue hand-in-hand. Sunset Dining for two includes a casual yet elegant table setting on powdery sand, illuminated by candlelight and the last rays of the island’s setting sun. The evening includes an exquisitely crafted 5-course menu, served under a canopy of twinkling stars. Let us create for you a beautiful moment on your honeymoon or romantic getaway that you both will remember forever.

Available daily from 18:00 to 23:00, subject to weather conditions and advanced reservation.

THB 2800 for 2 pax

Location : a 5 star hotel, The Emerald Cove Koh Chang

Remark :The advance reservation is required

**Please reserve in advance at reservations@emeraldcovekohchang.com or book direct with at The Emerald Cove hotel

ซันเซ็ท, รอ, อาหารค่ำ, ซีไซด์, ตาราง, ร้านอาหาร

      2. Phu Talay Seafood

One of the most romantic restaurant in this island with special Decoration with blue and white feeling they also had a perfect wood terrace for you to enjoying your moments above the little canal, moreover you can see mountains on your left and the sea is on you right hand side. As the name “Phu-Talay Seafood” they offers you many delicious seafood dishes such as spicy tom-yam soup with shrimp, fried squid with salty eggs, Stir-fried crab curry  and many more.

Located: Klong prao beach Open: 10AM-10PM  Tel. 0-3955-1300, 08-1863-9166


        3. Nong Bua Seafood

Don’t miss this great restaurant, if you want to enjoy many amazing seafood with friendlier prices. Nong Bua Seafood known as fresh clean and friendly prices restaurant and they are got many customers per day because their ingredients are very fresh and their foods taste very good. Moreover their honesty to show customers very reasonable prices on menu makes customers even impressed. Most recommendation dishes are  Stir-fried Crab in Curry Powder, Snapper topped with sauce, spicy seafood tom-yam soup etc.

Located: Sai Kaw Beach   Open: 6:30AM-10PM   Tel. 0-3955-1595, 08-1862-5588, 08-1864-4737 www.nongbuarestaurant.com


         4. Kaeng Som, Thai southern style food

If you are looking for a tasty restaurant we would like to introduce you to try this one.  Kaeng Som is a thai sounthern food restaurant which most famous in the island with their variety dishes and spicy style. Also they cooked more than 30 types of food a day such as sour hot fish soup with papaya, Kua Kling and Fried salty fish etc. You can get new food experience here.

Located at Klong praw beach Open: 6AM-4PM Tel. 08-9232-7253


5. Sown papaya salad.

It’s told that the best Esan food(Northeastern of Thailand)was in this restaurant. If you want to try the favorite dishes of local people you should visit this one. J.Sown papaya salad opened more than 16 years ago, the owner originally from Udonthani(a province in Thailand) and the most selected dish by customers is papaya salad with sea crab which made from very fresh and quality ingredients and they had many kind of testy food, you can try a hot soup here too! If you are in Thailand but never try papaya salad it’s can say “you are not arrived yet”

Located at Klong prao Beach, opposite of Koh Chang Grand View Resort Open: 8:30AM-9PM Tel. 08-7940-3250


         6. Chawley Seafood 

A good atmosphere seafood restaurant on Bang Bao area. You can enjoy a nice decoration of this place with a beautiful terrace above the sea. This place is perfect for fulfill your moments with your special person. Besides that the foods are incredible such as a dish called Panpla or thousand of fish that they serve roast fish with perfect sides dish, fresh vegetable set with tamarind sauce. And if you feel like to try BBQ seafood you can have it here, you can choose what you like eat what you want. You will never met this feeling with other place, everyone gives thumps up and HOW ABOUT YOU?

Located : Bang Bao area   Open: 9:30AM-9:30PM  Tel.08-1917-9084, 08-5483-1809


Original source:  http://nairobroo.com/delicious-corner/nairobroo-delicious-throughout-thailand/1592-5-ร้านเด็ดบนเกาะช้าง.html

Photo credit: http://wintravelandtour.blogspot.com/2015/07/thai-food.html

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