Koh Rang National Park sites, Koh Chang, Thaiand

Hin Ga Daeng (Koh Rang pinnacle)
Location: 1 km northwest of Koh Rang
Depth: average 15m / max. 30m
Visibility: 5 to 30m
This spectacular pinnacle is the deepest dive around Koh Rang, a great multilevel site. The rock itself has a very special structure, looks like an underwater cathedral. There are plenty of fish around it, not so much coral though. Things to see are big barracuda, porcupine, groupers, triggerfish, turtle, nudibranches, sweet lips, and schools of batfish. The currents here can be quite strong and unpredictable, but it is certainly worth the effort! Great site for photography.

Koh Tien West
Location: just northwest of Koh Rang
Depth: average 10m, max. 16
Sadly enough on one side of the island the coral is mostly destroyed by anchoring fishing boats and dynamite fishing, but it is a good spot to see how the reef is recovering. On the southside of the island there is the biggest formation of stag horn coral you re likely to see, forming a stunning view and protection to an abundance of fish. Also great snorkeling site.

Hin Kuak Ma (or three finger rock)
Location: about 1 km northeast of Koh Rang
Depth: average 10m, max. 16m
This is one of the greatest dives here. The south side is a rock wall, good to spot eels, nudibranches, stone fish etc. The backside of the rock is a slope, covered in coral, and with an abundance of fish. Sometimes we spot a bamboo shark or turtle, every dive we see blue spotted stingrays, moray eels, blue ringed angelfish, parrotfish. Good snorkeling if there is no current.

Koh Yak and Koh Laun
Location: about 1 km northeast of Koh Rang, in the south
Depth: average 8 m, max. 12m
Visibility: 5 to 20m
These small islands are ringed with a very beautiful coral reef with a rich abundance of different coral fishes. Both islands are small enough to dive around; because of the shallow depths we have plenty of dive time. Many divers’ favouriteā€¦

Koh Tong Lang and Koh Kra
Location: about 1.5 km northeast of Koh Rang, north
Depth: average 7m, max. 12
Visibility: 5 to 30m
Although snorkeling is the major appeal here, these islands offer some beautiful diving. The special coloured rocks offer nice crevices rich in fish life; the coral is very healthy and varied, big table corals, stag horn, anemones of al sizes and colours.

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