Pattaya is located in the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand. It is a large city in Chonburi close by to the capital Bangkok and not far from Koh Chang. Previously Pattaya was a quite fishing village dating back to 1960, it is now developed into a perfect holiday destination filled with resort hotels, shopping malls, bars and plenty other tourist attractions.

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1.       Hostoric attractions – Buddha Hill (Khao Phra Tam Nak)

Buddha hill is a gigantic golden Buddha placed on the top of this forested hill in the middle of Lomtien and south Pattaya. The tranquil Buddha statue of Wat Phra Yai originates from when Pattaya was a small fishing community. Close by to this location is Monument Park. From here you can observe the amazing sunset of Ao Pattaya. This activity is free so it is a worthwhile visit.

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2.       Mini SIAM

This tourist attract models miniature of significant locations and ancient places from all over the globe.Important buildings from Thailand like the Phra Sri Rattanasasadarm Temple, the Victory Monument, the Bridge over the River Kwae, Phraram 9 Bridge, and the Phimai Stone Sanctuary are also exhibited here. As well as, small-scale size of notorious Western buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, the Tower Bridge,the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, and the Grand Canyon. This location is the ideal place where you can witness the whole globe in one spot.

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3.       Cabaret Show

The cabaret show in Pattaya is a must see. Consisting of group of four hundred men and lady boys who give unique and stunning shows including parody, humor and more.

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4.        Museums – Art in paradise

Art in Paradise Pattaya is only spot in the country to display illusion art museum. Guests can take pleasure in the museum interactively by capturing images of their posture with three dimensional illusion painting. It is situated in the city, Near North Pattaya Big C Supercenter. This tourist attraction is open to all age ranges of guests.

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5.       The floating market

This is a popular attraction amongst tourists. If you are looking for gifts, souvenirs or to buy products to take come this is the place to visit. The floating aspect of the market it what makes it so interesting.



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